Fuck this ‘friend zone’ bullshit….so he or she doesn’t want you…it means he or she doesn’t want you in that way…not that you’ve been ‘friend zoned’..and what, is there something wrong now with men and women being friends? Whoever came up with this stupid ‘friend zone’ rot sounds like a whiny piece of shit and honestly, if someone doesn’t like you in the way you like them, you need to get the fuck over it.

"My mother doesn’t like tattoos. She says art belongs on a wall. Well I say no one, not even my mother gets to tell me that I can’t be a masterpiece."

-Hannah Snowdon (via basementvirtue)

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make your child stop screaming or I will

(via deathly-pale)

I'm strange, terrifying and beautiful. I am a creature not everyone knows how to love......I'm creepy and I'm kooky, I'm altogether Spooky!!! I'm Cyndi, also known as Cyndi Von Spook....Welcome to Horrorland...My own inner spooky, dark and creepy sanctum where ghosts, witches, bats and all other horrific monsters call home...
You'll also discover what fashion I'm digging, a place where I can display my modelling photos and other inner workings of my mind...
I'm a late January born Aquarian. I'm 26 living in Queensland, Australia. I graduated Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2005.
I'm a Slytherin through and through. I'm socially awkward, I'm alternative, I'm an individual, I'm opinionated, I'm weird, I'm quirky and I'm perfectly fine with all of that...
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